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In an idyllic spot of breathtaking beauty, surrounded by hills covered in thick evergreen forests, discover a unique resort in central Bhutan - The Chumey Nature Resort.

Chumey Nature Resort is the sole provider of accommodations and hospitality services in the Chumey Valley. The resort is located in a quiet valley away from other tourist facilities in Bumthang, offering the discerning traveler a peaceful respite apart from the tourist trail.

Chumey Nature Resort lies in the Bumthang Valley in Central Bhutan, a region approximately 2800 meters (9186 ft) in elevation. It is an idyllic spot of great natural beauty, the surrounding hills covered in thick evergreen forests, the valley floors a pattern of golden fields, and clusters of village homes built in the traditional style unique to Bhutan.

Located on a hillside in the pristine Bumthang valley, dotted with villages and ancient temples spread out against a stunning backdrop of mountains, the resort provides a haven of peace and quiet where ones soul may unwind. Enjoy pleasant walks among the lichen-hung trees, the undisturbed song of myriad birds at break of day, the silence of night but for the sighing of the wind through the pines, the serenity of a traditional hot stone bath.

Chumey Nature Resort sits up on the hillside amidst the cascading pines, a blend of contemporary and traditional architecture, barely visible yet commanding a grand view of the surrounding valley. A 5-minute drive along a feeder road off the main highway brings one up to the resort.


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